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“Business is easy with Scania.”

Our bus calendar profile Thinus Le Roux needed a 60 seater luxury coach for his business. At that time, that grade of vehicle was nowhere to be found on the market. So what happened? Scania custom built one to his specs.


“Scania listens to its customers’ needs even if it means modifying vehicle specs like for the 60 seater luxury coach. This helps us to provide better service to our customers,” says Thinus Le Roux, owner of a tour operating company in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Thinus started Coachman in 1995. Back then, his business was repairing and refurbishing used buses for resale. The early years were tough at times, but his company’s reputation went from strength to strength and by 2004 Thinus was doing business with Scania and at long last was in a position to purchase his very first new vehicle. Today, Thinus and his wife Sonja have their own fleet totaling 20 buses, 10 of which are Scania vehicles.

Coachman fleet of 20 includes less than 10 Scania vehicles.

“One reason we went for Scania as a partner was due to the spare parts system and design. Scania parts are universal for all of their buses and coaches, which makes stocking parts a lot easier and ensures availability on demand, whatever the model”, he says.

Coachman retains a number of Scania services, for instance driver training and product training. But he’d like Scania to providing even more services.

"We need more in-depth product training for our drivers. Another useful support service would be a product support call centre to answer everyday product queries",

adds Thinus.

Thinus appreciates Scania’s unique team approach to customer care.
“The teamwork not only cuts across Scania’s different departments, but also extends all the way to us at Coachman. Scania are there for our business long after they have sold us a vehicle. Knowing that we have aftersales support whenever we need it gives us real peace of mind.”

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Scanias Workshop East Rand. Johannesburg, South Africa Photo: Carl-Erik Andersson 2008
Thinus likes the fact that his relationship with Scania doesn’t end when he’s bought a vehicle. He knows that he has access to aftersales support whenever he needs it.

Scania offers a wide range of services that help you grow your business. We can help you with anything from delivering vital parts, tailoring your maintenance program to training your drivers to save fuel, or financing your vehicles.
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